Last spring was, sadly, lamb-less; but I hadn’t realized how much I missed them until these two darlings arrived last night! Born under the rising full moon, little boy Chocolate and little girl Moon were named by Claire this morning as they staggered around their attentive first-time mama Leda.

If all nine of the other ewes give birth, we could have up to 30 sheep crowding our pastures! We usually have a pretty good balance of twins and singles, but even so we’re looking at a serious flock increase. I’m planning to keep a few white ones, to add variety to the wool rainbow, and others will be raised for meat; but we may also end up selling some. They grow so fast and eat so much that we’ll quickly run out of space!

For now, though, I’m just excited to see the pasture filling up with little fluff balls bouncing around like popcorn.

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