How We Feel About Staying Home for Two Weeks

I won’t claim prescience, but the timing for my pantry challenge was pretty convenient. I’m very thankful not to be standing in line at Costco right now. And the prospect of two weeks at home is kind of exciting for us introverts! We have lots of plans for things to keep us busy—getting some more seeds started in the greenhouse and maybe in the garden, shearing sheep, putting some of the excess lambs and chickens in the freezer, planting strawberries, foraging for nettles and other wild edibles, and taking walks in the sunshine. There will be lots of cooking projects, as well as spinning and knitting and other crafts; books and games and movies and writing and drawing and science experiments and legos and maybe even some decluttering and organizing. I’ll also be keeping my ears open for local opportunities to help those who might be struggling through these next weeks.

I’m well aware that for many people this will be a frustrating and difficult time. But for those who are able, I hope you will see these next weeks as an opportunity to enjoy unexpected freedom. Instead of panicking and/or staying glued to screens, go outside with your kids. Bake some cookies. Have a dance party. Clean out the attic. Get to know your neighbors. Be a good example to those around you.

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